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End of year surprise

Since about June 2013 Rouzie and I have been planning a surprise trip back to New Zealand for Mum and Dad. We’ve both had a pretty shitty year. At the start of the year the doctor thought I had throat … Continue reading

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Cidre y Carne

In 2011 when me and Nacey went down the East coast of Spain. Accidentally bought two massive plates of meat. Yummo!

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Ski bound, Courchevel La Perrière

Less than one week tip Rouzie’s birthday and a day later we’re off to France with a whole bunch of people ski/boarding. Al planned this trip for Lizzie’s birthday almost a year ago now, and with 18 people going it … Continue reading

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Avis – chipped windscreen

tl;dr Avis didn’t sign off our car, chipped their own windscreen on transit to another branch, charged us for damages. update: it appears this link has been removed from google search. Yesterday the search term “Avis chipped windscreen Melbourne” brought … Continue reading

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Thailand, Bangkok

I left work early to meet Rouzie at London Bridge after a stressful day trying to sort work matters before leaving for a month. But glad and excited that i’ll be spending the next month away from it all seeing … Continue reading

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Thailand, AU & NZ

Just shelled out a lot clams for my trip with Rouzie to Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. It’s cool though. Will be well worth it. Haven’t been back home in ages, and plus i’ve a good friend getting married in … Continue reading

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It’s been a while since the last post. Many things have changed too. it’s now a new year I moved into a new flat I now own crystal (thanks parents) built a hdmpc from scratch for under £170

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Portugal (in 30 minutes)

I made the decision last minute to join my mate Joel over in Portugal on Wednesday evening after a couple of jars. I ummed and arghed about it for ages, but finally decided that I should go. It’s the end … Continue reading

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Portugal (in 5 mins)

Flew into Porto Sunday night with no troubles. Caught the train into the city, then a taxi to meet Joel. He and friend Rhys had already been celebrating the Australian win of international under water hockey against SA. So they … Continue reading

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I’ve attempted to go so many times. I’ve failed always. I’d planned to go there a couple times with someone who I was with for a bit, but it never worked out. I had even planned to go there earlier … Continue reading

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