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Onscreen viewport height & width

I’ve created a basic jQuery tool to display the viewport dimensions, useful when developing responsive websites. Sometimes it’s handy to know what the dimensions are when things snap at unpredictable points. Especially when you’re browser doesn’t have this built in. … Continue reading

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iOS Safari inspect element

Wow Safari developer tools just keep getting better. i just found out that you can inspect a tethered iOS Safari window very easily. Sometimes we just need to find the DOM element instead of rooting through the markup. With a … Continue reading

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Retina Images and the srcset paradigm

Recently webkit announced they will be supporting srcset into their browser stack, allowing different sized images to show depending on screen pixel density. By default, browsers read the src attribute first and display the file’s source on the screen. With … Continue reading

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iOS Safari canvas redraw issue

When you’re creating an off-canvas menu (or other off-canvas content), iOS Safari has a slight issue in redrawing the canvas (by canvas i mean the whole page – not the >canvas< tag). The issue occurs when you set the meta … Continue reading

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CSS animations

I’ve been playing around with CSS animations in my spare time and have created a new concept in CSS animations. The basic idea is that characters/beings have a connected bone structure. So the humerus is connected to the torso, forearm … Continue reading

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iOS Safari transforms

Playing around with some animation on iOS, I’ve found that 3D Transforms are way faster than 2D Transforms. This is because iOS Safari only supports hardware acceleration in 3D Transforms. Go forth and animate (using 3D :)

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Table Red Wine

My third attempt at wine has turned out much better. It is now ageing in a Demi-John rather than bottles. (I changed my mind, and now they’re out-of-the-way in bottles. I also waxed the top of the corks using a … Continue reading

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A taste of iTunes Radio

Today I had to reset my phone because I did a bad one by jailbreaking it (I was in NZ and apparently my phone is locked to o2). I reset my phone and started the music app up and iTunes … Continue reading

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The Fifth Estate piracy

The Fifth Estate film is about wikileaks founder Julian Assange who posted stolen US secrets to the public arena. The film company who has been aggressively taken down torrents for the film, ironically pirated The Pirate Bay t-shirt (here seen … Continue reading

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Carousels gone wild

Carousels, sliders, gallery boxes – whatever you call them they all shouldn’t be ever done like this: This is uniqlo’s website with a carousel animating every .5 sec. I don’t know if this is a mistake (however it’s been on … Continue reading

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